Laa'on Wo Tinky Kahin Se Aashyany Kaliya
Bijliyan Be-Taab Hou Jin Ko Jalany Kaliya

I should procure such straws for my nest from somewhere
For burning which the lightning may be restless
Wa Ay Nakami, Falak Nay Taak Kar Tora Usy
Mai Ni Jis Daali Ko Toora Aashyany Kaliya

Alas! O despair! The sky broke it down intently
Whichever branch I selected for my nest
Aankh Mil Jate Hai Haftado Do Millat Sy Tere
Aik Pymana Tera Saary Zamany Kaliya

You are contending with the seventy two nations
One goblet of yours suits the whole world best
Dil Mai Ki Istrah Ki Arzoo Paida Kar
Lout Jaye Aasman Mery Methay Kaliya

I should create some such longing in my heart
So the sky may turn around to annihilate me best
Jama Jar Khirman Tu Pehly Daana Daana Chun Ky Tu
Aa Hi Nikly Gi Koi Bijli Jalany Kaliya

Collect your harvest first by picking it grain by grain
Some thunderbolt will surely come out to annihilate it
Paas Tha Nakaam-e-Siyad Ka Aye Hum Safeer
Warna Mai Aur Urh Ky Aata Dany Kaliya

I had regard for the failure of the hunter, O friend
Otherwise, why could I come over flying for one grain?
Iss Chaman Mai Murgh Dil Ga'ay Na Aazadi Ka Geet
Ahh! Ya Gulshan Nahi Aisy Tarany Kaliya

The heart should not sing freedom’s song in this garden
Ah! This garden is not suitable for such odes.


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