Wo Harf-e-Raz Jo Mujh Ko Sikha Gaya Hai Junon
Khuda Mujhy Nafas-e-Jabreel Dy To Kahon

The breath of Gabriel if God on me bestow,
I may in words express what Love has made me know.
Sitara Kiya Mere Taqdeer Ki Khabar Deega
Wo Khud Feerakh-e-Aflaak Mai Hai Khwar-o-Zaboon

How can the stars foretell what future holds in store?
They roam perplex’d and mean in skies that have no shore.

Hayaar Kiya Hai Khayal-o-Nazar Ki Majzoobi
Khudi Ki Mout Hai Andeesha Haaye Gona Goon

o fix one’s mind and gaze on goal is life, in fact:
To ego’s death to lead the thoughts that mind distract.

Ajab Maza Hai Mujhy Lizzat-e-Khude Dy Kar
Wo Chahty Hain Ky Mai Apny App Mai Na Rahun

How strange! The bliss of self having bestowed on me,
God mighty will that I beside myself should be.
Zameer Pak o Nigaho Buland o Maste Shouq
Na Maal-o-Dolat-e-Qaroon Na Fikr-e-Aflatoon

Clean conscience, lofty gaze and zeal is all I hold.
I neither like nor claim Plato’s thought or Croesus’ gold:

Sabaq Mila Hai Meeraj-e-Mustafa Sy Mujhy
Ky Aalam Bashareyt Ky Zad Mai Hai Gardoon

By Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s Ascent this truth to me was taught,
Within the reach of man high heavens can be brought.
Ye Kainat Abhi Na-Tamam Hai Shayid
Ky Aa Rahi Hai Dama Dam Sada'ye Kun Fayakon

The Life perhaps is still raw and incomplete:
Be and it becomes e’er doth a voice repeat.
Ilaaj Aatish-e-Romi Ky Soz Mai Hai Tera
Tere Khirad Py Hai Ghalib Ferangeyun Ka Fusoon

The West hath cast a spell on yours heart and mind:
In Rumi’s burning flame a cure for yourself find.
Isi Ky Feez Sy Mere Nigah Hy Roshan
Isi Ky Feez Sy Mere Sabo Mai Hai Jyhon

Through his bounty great my vision shines and glows,
And mighty Oxus too in my pitcher flows.


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